Psychic Shock

Psychic shock occurs for many reason's !
Even by having too many healing sessions !

Have you every felt like your body was shutting down ?
Do you feel drained of energy ?  Do you feel cold all the time ?
Struggle to breath - although your lungs are clear ?
These are just a few of the symptoms of Psychic Shock !
Please contact me for an assessment !
Your energy centre's maybe out of line {Chakra's}
You may even be able to re-align them yourself ?!
Place one hand on tail bone at base of spine.
The other hand on Abdomen - Press firmly inwards.
Visualise energy coming down into your crown - down the centre of your body - 
At the same time doing an affirmation/recite out loud or in your head. 
''Bring alignment of my being and energy centre's  
Or use your own affirmation !
If it has worked within a few minutes - you should feel your body temperature rise slowly going back to normal.
Hope this helps or brings a little knowledge your way.