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I was involved in a car accident in March 2009 and suffered with serve whiplash. 
Over 3 years I paid around £3,000 for private medical treatment and I tried all types of treatment: physiotherapy, chiropractor, acupuncture, deep heat treatment and sports massages. Unfortunately despite spending a lot of money nothing worked in solving the problem with my injury to my left side of my neck, shoulders and back after these treatments.
My muscles were always tense and there was a swelling on my left shoulder that was rock solid. Frequently my muscles would tense up in my neck, shoulders and back and become painful leaving me feeling drained and would normally last for 2-3 days and I would have no energy. I never felt completely relaxed, there would always be tension in my neck, shoulders and back.
In Feb 2014, Steve Johnson (website link) kindly offered me healing to fix the problem on my neck, shoulders and back.The healing session lasted around an hour and I felt completely  relaxed. It felt almost like my body drifted off to another place as I felt light as a feather. He cleared some emotional baggage, as since the accident I believe I had held onto emotional stress which made the back problem worse. After the healing I felt very sleepy and had a good nights sleep that evening.
The next day I woke up having more energy and I noticed I could walk better and I felt lighter overall. I noticed that the swelling on my left shoulder had decreased. Four months since the healing, my injury has improved significantly. I have had no problems with my neck, shoulders and back. I would definitely recommend Steve if you have an old injury or any back problems like I did - I am amazed at the quick results! 

KAY Lanzarote.
Just to say thank you so very much for the wonderful healing you gave me, and for the outstanding chat.
A little feed back...  For the first time in nearly 4 years, I actually was able to walk for a distance of about 150 yards (I think), well I walked from the Terrace bar, round past The Mill onto the main road, and behind the Terrace Bar, nearly to the corner where the other road is.  Roger started to get a bit concerned, Lol, and decided that enough was enough, and insisted I get back in the wheelchair.  I felt great, and excited about being able to walk again, AND actually had very very little pain.  It has been the same again today, but a slight increase in pain, but still nothing like before, and my legs did not freeze up.  XXXXXXX Thank you XXXXXX.
MIA; UK Was born with fluid on her lungs, tubes were inserted into her nasals to drain the fluid off into a bottle. After just one treatment, the fluid on her lungs drained onto her bedding – leaving her lungs clear; Mia is now in her teens, and has not had a problem with her lungs since.
KIM;  UK Has suffered with Sciatica for some years, Kim had a really bad experience in a super market car park whilst loading her shopping into her car. She called Steve who visited her and after just one session was able to go out dancing that night. Although Kim still suffers with this complaint she has no hesitation calling Steve to re-align her to well being.
JULIE;  UK Had a bad car accident 5 years previously to seeing Steve – which left her with pains and lack of movement in her neck, After treatment she is now free from pain and has normal neck movement.  

EGLE;  UK  {Posted to Steve Johnson via Facebook.} I believe with your magical help I feel much better and so released from all my problems, thank you!
CATHERINE;  UK     Just received some absent healing and it felt like I was being hugged and just felt so peaceful, Thank you.

TANYA ; Melbourne Australia {Posted via Facebook.} 
Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue syndrome.  What an amazing healing you gave me on Tuesday… thank you very much! For the first time in a long time… i slept during the day.. and it was 4 hours worth. The reason its so important to me is this, i have fibromyalgia, and the more rest i get the better… but i had been fighting it for a long time.. refusing to sleep during the day… and by doing that i wouldn't get the rest i needed. But on that Tuesday… i let go… and slept a sleep of a content baby. The days after that till now.. i have also been feeling more up. And the pain i suffer is changing.
After just two sessions - 
{Although this lady has received healing from me sometime ago}
This made a massive change to what this lady could do while suffering from Fibromyalgia

TANYA Melbourne Australia
Good Morning from me in Australia Steve
Thank you very much for the healing.
I went to sleep, and rested for a long while. Felt more able to cope with it, which is great.
I'm very grateful for your time and efforts
I have been going through a fibro flare and lost time.. days. I do remember feeling compelled to call in all healing that has been sent to me though! Thank You Very much! Must've got a tap on my shoulder I have been feeling much better.. so grateful to you and others whom have given me your time to send healing. I love it. It crosses so many planes.. and it works very well
I also started going to the swimming pool on the Saturday. Now, this is something I could have been doing already, but found it very difficult to go. Well... I've been 2 days in a row already! Fantastique. I feel a very noticeable change in me... more able to move around... and my mind is working much better too. Also, taking action on things that I have wanted to do for a long time. It's all beginning... and I'm very very happy 

SIMON;  UK     Is an Electrician and whilst at work, slipped off some steps injuring his shoulder,leaving him unable to sleep at night due to the discomfort, although Simon  was unable to get to visit Steve – Steve was able to do some absent/distance healing . Simon is now free from discomfort and back at work.

 ANDREW;  UK     Was suffering from sleepless nights, although Andy had no health issues, Steve found that Andy’s property sat on a very old priory and bodies had been buried there, these spirits were visiting Andy in his sleep – trying to contact him. Steve cleared the grounds to his house, and since Andy does get the sleep he requires.
AMANDA; UK {Posted to Steve Johnson via Facebook.}  Had received a psychic attack and was feeling very vulnerable and lacking her normal positive nature, Just wanted to thank you so much for the incredible healing you sent me. Over the 48 hours I have  gradually felt like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, the dark energy has disappeared and I don’t think I have had such a clear head since my daughter passed.