Absent/Remote Healing

I do NOT include anyone else in the session or do group healing treatments. I believe;  {through my guides} sending out energy from a group can cause problems for the client and for the healers that take part, As it would be almost impossible to find and get healers who are all working on the same level or vibration. 

Absent healing works similar to medium-ship - I connect with spirit and the client at the same time and energy is dispensed/sent to the whole being of the client - if a certain health issue requires attention, Please state this at the time of booking.

Healing sessions normally take 60-90 minutes.

You will receive three of these to complete the healing process.

Normally only one session is required for most people and places, This can take place using either phone or Skype.

To arrange a time to suit both of us.

Photo appreciated.

Reduced rate for those that need financial assistance - 
Please apply via email.