Info' Exorcism/ Spirit Rescue

Exorcism / Spirit Rescue's

What's the difference between a Exorcism and Spirit Rescue ?
Most Exorcisms are from spirits or demons that attach themselves to the inner energy of the person. 
Where as a Spirit Rescue is where the spirit attach's to the outer energy better known as the Aura.

These symptoms will take effect suddenly.


Personality changes
Mood swings 
Life seems out of sink
Friends act strange around you
Prescription Drugs don't seem to work.

If a spirit attaches to me - Is it my fault ?
The simple answer is NO.
Although there are many reasons why a spirit would attach to you.

The spirit could have a misguided feeling that they may be able to help you.
One rescue I preformed; the spirit actually attached because in its former incarnation - it had been into Black Magic and like the client had started to try and understand the Tarot at the begging of their spiritual learning.
The client had moved into a new apartment and instantly felt at home, although within a couple of months - her mood had changed and augments always took place with her partner. Her normally happy go lucky attitude diminished into something quite dark - always seeing the negative in situations - which was also totally out of character. 
She came to see Steve for 1-2-1 spiritual healing session - after which things returned to normal and her and her partner are now back on track. Even the flowers she had planted sprung into life and began to grow.